Hurricane Information
Hurricane Information for 2019 Link 

Dear Association Owner,
With a potential tropical storm or possible Hurricane threatening our area, Management wanted to remind everyone of some hurricane preparation plans and steps that can be taken to safeguard your property.
Be sure to remove ALL objects, furniture and plants from lanais and patios so they do not become projectiles during the storm.
If your unit has storm shutters, be sure they are closed.  If you are not in residence, please contact your personal property manager or a friend or neighbor to assist you. Per Florida Statute, the Association is authorized to enter your unit without your permission in order “to operate shutters, if such operation is necessary to protect and preserve the condominium property and Association property”.  However, primary responsibility still resides with each unit owner. 
Ensure you have all of the items you will need after the storm, such as food, water, and medications. 
Have your personal insurance carrier's contact information ready so that insurance claims can be filed promptly.
Identify residents of the community who may have medical needs and who will require special assistance in evacuations. Please be a great neighbor and offer any applicable assistance.
The Board of Directors and management will communicate after a storm to make any necessary emergency decisions that may be needed to protect residents and the community.
We will continue to monitor this storm very carefully and begin to take the applicable precautionary steps if or when the storm nears.