2021 Interior Remodel
The Tradewinds Interior Remodel 2021 Project will be taking place from August 2021 - December 2021.   
  • Pay attention to the communications.  Updates will only be posted on the Tradewinds 2021 Interior Remodel page or in emails sent to unit owners. Please note, any information on Facebook is not from the Interior Design Committee.  Information restricted to owners only will have links on this page for sign in access.
  • Stay out of the way of contractors so they can work without interruptions to help complete this project on time.
  • Be careful in any construction/work areas.
  • Make sure your renters or guests aware this project is taking place between now and the end of the year.
Other questions: Feel free to contact Joy Motheral, Chair, Interior Design Committee at
09/01/21 Update
With the first bit of color starting to go on the unit hallway walls the Design Committee is starting to hear from more unit owners what we should and shouldn’t do with the design.  Please keep in mind that we don’t have even one hallway completely painted yet and you are not seeing the final colors.  I have had more people tell me they really like the colors than those that don’t like the colors.
In a condo building with 203 units, we know despite our best efforts we will not please 100% of the unit owners with the design choices.  I also want to remind everyone that the Committee was as transparent as we could be -- over the last 11 months we held open Zoom meetings bi-weekly from November to June, minutes were posted on the Tradewinds website, updates were provided at board meetings, multiple email updates were sent, two owner surveys were conducted (one to identify design elements most important to the owners and the other to give a choice in the design theme) and a special owner vote on a presentation package was sent out and approved by 97% of the unit owners that voted on July 10, 2021. 
For every element in the design, the Committee (all volunteers) spent hours researching options and discussing the best recommendations to put forward. This was not easy and we spent well over a thousand hours since last October on this.  We also had MANY considerations we had to factor into the final design plan.  First budget.  Then functionality, style, maintenance, owner's preference, potential increases in property values, quality contractors & vendors, availability, and COVID restrictions, code, bylaws, practicality, safety, construction constraints, building manager/maintenance input, board approval and a nod to the future, not just current styles and fads. 
The design committee’s charter was to develop a design that was approved by a majority of the unit owners.  We accomplished that.  Now we are working to implement the plan as approved by the board and unit owners.
I appreciate those unit owners that have reached out to myself or committee members with your questions and concerns and we are doing our best to provide more details on the design and answer your questions.  We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that are posted on the 2021 Interior Remodel page.  Please refer back to these FAQs as they will be updated as the project continues.
For everyone’s reference and a memory refresh, here is the final design that was approved by 127 out of 130 unit owners that voted in the special members meeting on 7/10/21.  Tradewinds Coastal Design Theme 06_24_21
Updates for this week:
  • We had materials delays for the door headers and trim.  The painting crews were able to skip around a bit to keep us on schedule with prepping and cutting in on lower floors.  Floors 11 and 12 should be completed with painting by 9/3/21.
  • Today the doors on 11 will be painted.  The doors will be unlocked TW staff and locked again by TW staff at the end of the day.
  • We had to work a bit out of sequence on the painting due to the material delays but next week we will be back to completing all painting floor by floor, starting with floor 10 and working down.  Next week floors 9 and 10 will be painted.
  • We are still waiting on additional trim for the elevator focal wall.  We hope by next Monday the remaining elevator focal wall trim will be added.
  • Ceilings are painted on floors 2-11.
  • Door trim is completed on floors 3-12.  Next week 1-2 should be completed.
  • Throughout September, painting will be underway in the unit hallways. 
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or a Committee member if you have additional questions.
Thank you.
Joy Motheral
Chair, Tradewinds Interior Design Committee
08/20/21 Update
  • TW staff has prepared all unit hallways for the painters (removing kickplates, peepholes, etc.).  This will be done when we get closer to painting.  If you have decor on your door, this will be placed inside your unit.  Floors 2-12 are completed. TW staff prep is ahead of schedule -- THANK YOU TW STAFF!!!
  • Painters have prepped through the 8th floor.  The ceilings have been painted on floors 6-11.  The painters will take a break 8/20-8/21 to allow the trim work to catch up and will resume painting trim on the 12th floor on 8/23.  Floors 11-12 should be completed by 8/27.  We estimate it will take 3.5 days to paint each floor (7 days for every 2 floors).  9-10 are targeted to be completed by 9/8/21. Painting is on schedule.
  • Doorbell plates are being removed and the doorbell is being turned sideways to protect it.  As soon as the wall paint is done, Condee will be installing new doorbell plate covers and making a list of any doorbells that are not working.  If you added a second doorbell, this will be placed inside your unit.
  • Temporary unit numbers and signage will be placed throughout the building during the remodel project.
  • Materials for the unit doorway trim was delivered 8/20 (a few days late) and work will begin 8/23 to install the picture frame on the unit doors and attach the header above the doors (working from the 12th floor down).  We hope to complete 1 floor every 2-3 days. You may see blue tape on the focal wall by the elevators or on a unit door.  THIS IS OUR MOCK UP AND IS NOT FINAL. Trim work is slightly behind schedule due to a delivery delay of the materials but should be caught up by 8/25/21.
  • All contractors are required to participate in a weekly status call to review the schedule and get updates.  These calls are on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. and this has been very effective to ensure efforts are coordinated and the schedule is kept up to date.
  • The project manager has been checking on progress daily and working to ensure everything keeps moving.
  • Joy will be at the Tradewinds 8/18 through 9/1 and will be taking photos of the progress to date as well as meeting with the contractors.
  • Joy will have a design board with the flooring selections and fabrics/furniture selections in the next two weeks for those in residence.
08/12/21 Update
Dear Unit Owners:
The Interior Design Project has started!  In the past few weeks, the materials have been ordered for lights, paint, unit hallway trim, furniture, and flooring and we have hired a Project Manager, Chris Savarino, to help us oversee the project and contractors.  
I had a team kick-off this week with the contractors and project manager to review the project implementation timelines.  I hope to provide updates following each weekly project team meeting.  Information will be sent via email, posted on the Tradewinds website and when feasible, posted by the office.
A big thank you to the Tradewinds staff in helping to coordinate getting contracts and deposit checks executed, assisting our contractors, and helping prepare the unit hallways for the trim work on the unit doors and the painting to start.
In the next two weeks (8/16 - 8/27), the following will be taking place:
  • Grant and Bob, our maintenance team, will continue to work on preparing the remaining unit hallways for the trim carpenters and painters work from the 10th floor down.  This includes removing door knockers, door kick plates, signage and sconces by the elevators and furnishings.
  • Marco Island Painting is scheduled to start on the 12th floor with preparations Monday or Tuesday (August 16/17) and then painting.  Painting will also start on the 11th floor.  We anticipate each floor taking 3-4 days to paint.  Please be careful entering and exiting your units if your floor is being worked on.  There will also be a period of time where the unit door will need to be kept open slightly for the paint on the door and trim to dry.  We appreciate your cooperation with this.  TW staff will be the only ones with access to a key and will be opening and locking the units.
  • Birdsall Builders will be installing the trim on the front of the unit doors starting on the 12th floor and working down.  It is anticipated that the trim will take about 1 day per floor for the unit doors.  We will also be working on adding trim at the elevator walls (with the sconces).
Once painting starts, we will be better able to project how long each floor will take and a more detailed schedule will be posted on the Tradewinds website.  The Design Committee will also be working on finalizing finishing details and final drawings from the builder in the next month or so.
If you have any questions about the implementation, please do not hesitate to contact me at my email below.  If you have renters or guests in your unit, please make sure they are aware of the work going on.
Again - thank you to everyone for their support and cooperation as this project is underway.
Joy Motheral
Chair, Interior Design Committee
07/12/21 Update
On Saturday, July 10, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. a special owners meeting was held to vote on the 2021 Interior Remodel Project. 
The 2021 Interior Remodel Project passed with 97% majority. This means we also had more than the 75% required votes to also pass the change to the bylaws to allow the Association to replace the unit door thresholds.  Thank you to all the unit owners that took the time to vote.
The Design Committee is moving to immediately get the contracts in place this week with the paint, electrical, general contractor, flooring and designer/furnishings vendor so materials orders can be placed as quickly as possible.  Work will then begin to implement the approved plan with all work expected to be completed before the end of the year.  Some of the furnishings may take a little longer to get in but we do not anticipate issues with the tile and carpet or contractor work at this time.
We will be starting work immediately with the Tradewinds staff prepping the unit hallways for painting.  Painting is expected to begin within the next two weeks starting on the 12th floor and working down.  Approximately 2 floors per week will be painted. 
IMMEDIATELY: Help make sure your unit door is ready to be painted.  
  • If you have any decor on your unit door, please remove it as soon as possible.  If not, Tradewinds staff will need to remove it and place it inside your unit.
  • If you can remove the door knocker/peephole on your door, this will reduce the time it will take for TW staff to do so.  You can put a piece of tape across the inside of the peephole.   
  • If you can, remove the metal kick plate on the front of your door and tape the screws to the kickplate.  You can leave outside your door for the maintenance staff to pick up or drop off at the office.   If not, Tradewinds staff will need to remove it.
  • Pay attention to the communications in emails and on the Tradewinds website
  • We will provide updates to the unit owners through emails as well as updates on the Tradewinds website.  The website updates will not be on the owners section so that renters, visitors and owners can be aware of scheduling and progress.
  • Stay out of the way of contractors so they can work without interruptions to help complete this project on time.
  • Be careful of any construction/work areas.
  • Make any renters or guests aware this project is taking place between now and the end of the year.
Thank you again for your support.  If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the Design Committee members.
Joy Motheral
Chair, Interior Design Committee