Parking Policy
Auto Registration and Parking
Guests and renters will need to register their car. Each unit is assigned one covered space
that will be identified with the apartment number that they are staying in. There is a map as an attachment to this website tab.
Additional parking for guests or renters is available in the uncovered parking area
adjacent to Seaview Court. Cars parked in unauthorized areas are subject to being towed
at the vehicle owner’s expense.
Boat trailers, boats, campers, and RV’s are not permitted anywhere on the property.
Auto Storage
If you leave your car on the premises when you are not in residence, it is required that an
extra car key and a contact telephone number be left with the manager’s office. The
management may ask you to arrange to have your car moved during maintenance work or
the management will move your car. Note: Storing a vehicle at the Tradewinds is at
the owner’s risk. The Tradewinds or its management will not be responsible for any
damage to the vehicle.
 Loading and Unloading in front of building
When loading and unloading at the front door, please park as close as possible to the curb
to allow other vehicles to circle the driveway and get around you. Please note this is a
loading and unloading zone only. You cannot leave your vehicle unattended. This is
in violation of the Marco Island fire ordinance and the owner of the vehicle will be
subject to a fine and/or towing at the owner’s expense.
Layout of Carport Click Here
Location of Parking Space Click Here
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