Building Disinfection Update, July 27, 2020
The Board of Directors has decided under an existing motion and authority to continue the extra cleaning schedule thru the end of the week of August 3, 2020.  Please give our cleaning crews your full cooperation.  Thank you. 

Building Disinfection Update, July 13, 2020
Ladies and Gentlemen:
As discussed at the Emergency meeting today, the additional deep cleaning of the building will begin tomorrow July 14, 2020 and will continue thru the end of this week.  We have the option to continue this extra cleaning if necessary.  Once again, Please do not interact with the cleaning staff.  All 12 floors, laundry areas, common areas and the office will have attention.  Remember to wear a mask, social distance and wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer often.  If we all do our part, we hope to return to normal as soon as possible.  

Phil Lauricella
On behalf of the Board of Directors

JULY 11, 2020
Ladies and Gentlemen.  

As you are quite aware by now, the Tradewinds has had an owner and one staff member come down with confirmed cases of Covid 19.  Due to that fact, we have temporarily placed the Door/Window project on a 2 week hold.  The Fiberoptic cable pull will be completed on or about Tuesday July 14, and then no further in-unit installations will occur until at least July 20.  Summit has been asked to end work each day by 3pm until further notice.  The Office will be closed for the most part the week of July 13 thru 17.  Denise will be checking messages remotely from home and can return calls as well as emails.  Please do not overload the systems with non-emergency communications.  If Denise does come into the building, please do not distract her from accomplishing her tasks with questions about the situation.  

We strongly recommend that when not in your unit that you wear a mask and carry disinfectant hand gel.  This includes the pool area when you are not actively swimming.  A mask should be worn immediately after leaving the water.  Social distancing should be maintained at all times, even in the pool.  Consider using a wipe on the lounges and tables as the staff is not able to clean them multiple times throughout the day.  

The Board is working on a plan to have the most used common areas in the building scheduled for a major disinfection.  Details will be available at the Special Emergency Meeting called for on July 13, 2020 at 10am EST.   Please attend this meeting remotely via Facebook for more details.  
This Board is working diligently on your behalf in this crisis.  We ask for your patience, understanding and cooperation.  Together we will weather this storm. 

Phil Lauricella
On behalf of the Tradewinds Board of Directors.  
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