General Information
All Rentals of Condominium units are by direct Owner to Renter Contact.
The Tradewinds Association is not a Rental Agent nor does it negotiate rentals of individual units for any owner. 
The Tradewinds is a Private Residential Community.


The following is required in a SINGLE packet (#1, #2 & #3 listed below) from owners, 30 days prior to occupancy:
1. Tradewinds Application to Lease a Condominium - To be filled out by renter after receipt of document from the Condominium Owner directly.  The owner signs and dates the third page under "OWNER(S) CERTIFICATION".
2.  A completed Lease Agreement (between owner & renter)
3.  $150 Application Fee per applicant - married couples or parent and dependent child count as one applicant
Mailing address:
              Tradewinds Apartments of Marco Island
              180 Seaview Court
              Marco Island, FL  34145
              Attn:  Office

REGISTRATION - Forms can be found on the office door. Upon arrival, complete and return the registration form to the office. Keep and read the portion of this form that has the house, pool, and parking rules and regulations.

REGISTERING OVERNIGHT GUESTS - Forms can be found on the office door. Have your guests complete the form making sure the auto registration, if applicable is listed. Place the completed form in the slot in the office door. All overnight guests with automobiles need to park them in the open area behind the carports, parallel with the street.

GUESTS NOT STAYING OVERNIGHT - If you have guests visiting for two hours or less, they may park in the area parallel with the building on a first come first serve basis. Anyone staying longer than two hours must park in the area behind the carports, parallel with the street.

PARKING - Each unit has one covered parking space. This space is numbered the same as the apartment number. The numbers are not in numerical order; therefore a location map with a legend is attached. If you have other vehicles, they must be registered as well as the one parked in the carport space and parked in the overflow area beyond the carports. No RVs, boats, or trailers of any kind are allowed on the property.

LUGGAGE & GROCERY CARTS - Located on the first floor. Do not take them into the parking areas or driveway areas. Return them as soon as possible because there are limited carts available.

CAR WASH – The time to wash your car is between 8 AM and dark, unless there are water restrictions in effect. The area designated for car washing is located north of the short-term visitor parking parallel to the building

BICYCLES - If you have a bicycle, you will need to have your name and apartment number prominently displayed somewhere on the bike. There is a bicycle rack located next to the service area near the short-term visitor parking.

MAIL -The mailroom is located in our front lobby area. There is an outgoing mail slot located there.
There is a mailbox with the apartment number on it for your use. You should have received a mailbox key from your rental agent or owner.
Upon your arrival collect the postal form in the box, complete the form and place it in the outgoing mail slot. Unless this is done, you may not receive any mail!
Upon departure obtain a change of address form from the post office or the mail delivery person, complete it and place in the outgoing mail slot. Unless this is done, mail that may have arrived after your departure may not be returned to your permanent home address.

WIFI-Provided by owner (owner to provide password) or in Social Room (no password required).

Upon arrival complete and turn into the office a registration form.
Data from the form is entered into the system computer.
Occupant’s name will then appear on the phone directory.
Your quests will simply scroll the directory by pressing the # button until your name appears.
If they should pass your name they can press the * button to go back.
Once they find your name, they must enter the three (3) digit security code using the phone keypad.
Your apartment phone will ring, answer it, then press and quickly release number 9 on your phone, if you want them to come into the building.
This will disconnect your phone and activate a buzzer on the front door to indicate it is unlocked so they can enter.
Make sure you tell them your apartment number, as the security entry code is not the same number as your apartment!
The phone has a limited talk time; therefore a chat with them is not possible.

KEYS - All renters and guests must be given 2 apartment keys and two magnetic building security keys (FOBS), as well as the mailbox key for those having mail sent to this address. You will not be able to obtain any of these keys from the office.

A mailbox key number may be obtained from the office to get a key made, at your expense, at a locksmith. Lost magnetic building security keys must be reported to the office. The owner must replace the key, once the number of the lost key is established, at a nonrefundable cost of $100.

LAUNDRY ROOMS - There are fans in each laundry room for your comfort. A deep sink with hot & cold water for washing items by hand or for filling deep containers such as buckets for floor mopping. Please remember to empty the lint filters in the dryers after each use. There are two coin operated washers and dryers in each laundry on each floor. It costs $1.00 per load for the washers for a running time of a half-hour and $1.00 per load for the dryers for a running time of one hour.   NO BLEACH!

A RECYCLING CLOSET WITH TRASH CHUTE - This is in each laundry room except for the first floor.
This room has containers for recycling glass, metal, plastic, and small miscellaneous items like magazines, shoe boxes, old telephone books, and a shelf for newspapers. Make sure all your recycled containers have been rinsed and the caps and lids have been removed. Do not place newspapers in plastic or paper bags before placing them in the recycling container.
This room also contains the small trash chute door for all other refuse small enough to go down the chute in a garbage bag.
You must not use the plastic bags used for bringing groceries home from the store for the garbage thrown down the chute as they will burst open causing odors, pests, etc. Please purchase heavy gauge garbage bags for your waste going down the chute. If you are a successful fisherman or woman, and chose to clean your catch at home, please double bag all the fish remains before placing it in the garbage bag for the trash chute.
The first floor recycling bins and trash container are located in the service entrance, one door down from the laundry room.
See instructions above relating to the recycled items and type of garbage bag required for waste items.
Large cardboard boxes need to be flattened by cutting them down, then bringing them to the first floor service area to be thrown into the dumpster in the exterior part of the service entrance.

GARBAGE DISPOSALS - Most disposals in this building are not adequate enough to properly grind certain items, therefore, please do not place the following items in the disposal: Citrus rinds, raw fish remains, celery, onion skins, egg shells, banana peels, and bones. Grease and coffee grounds should never be put down the drain.

CABLE TV – A current list of available channels is on the website. Please directly contact the cable company Summit Broadband 239-444-0400 for any problems or purchase of premium channels and pay-per-views.

MAINTENANCE PROBLEMS - For major plumbing leaks, contact the office immediately, then call the owner or the rental agent to advise them of repairs that may be needed.   Air Conditioning issues call owner or realtor. 

NOTICES - The quarterly pest control treatment will be posted on the official bulletin board between the elevators. From time to time other notices that would be important for you to be aware of will also be posted.

SOCIAL ROOM/KITCHEN USE - Use is determined on a “first come” basis. Check the monthly calendar of events posted in the service entrance on the first floor to check on times and days available. Obtain a request form from the office, complete and return anytime between 30 and 2 days prior to the date and time wanted. No activity may continue beyond midnight. No food is permitted outside on the grounds, poolside, or the chickee area. A deposit is necessary for the use of the facility.

BARBEQUE GRILL - Hours of use are from noon to 8 PM. No food is to be consumed outside at the tiki area or at poolside, or anywhere else on the property. All food must be in sealed containers when taking to and from the grill. Remove and fold the cover, open the hood, turn the gas on at the top of the tank, then follow the instructions on the grill for lighting it.
If, however, it does not light due to dampness, an open flame propane lighter will have to be used. After grilling, turn off the controls, clean the grill with utensils provided, wipe up any grease or food splatters, and pick up any debris in the area that you might have brought. Close the grill hood after allowing it to cool down, and replace the cover.   Additional propane cylinders are outside the service area.

SERVICES AVAILABLE – The office will make copies for 10 cents each, sending & receiving faxes $1 per page, outside Continental U.S. sending faxes $2 per page and receiving faxes $1 per page. The fax number is 239-394-4838.
LOST & FOUND - Check with the office staff regarding items lost or found.