Upcoming Events
New Door Locks and Keys -- Form
Monday, April 1st to Thursday, May 2nd
Please use the new form when ordering extra keys for the new Door Locks and forward the form and any payment to Susan in the Office. This form is found on the TW Website under "Documents", but please remember you must sign in in order to view the Documents tabs. At present, there is no way to fill out the form on line and have it sent via email to the office, so regular mail must be utilized. A "pay on line" and fill-in PDF forms are in the works. Thanks...
Town Hall Meetings
Tuesday, April 9th to Friday, May 31st
As discussed at the Board Meetings, Town Hall meetings held on the 4th Tuesday for each month will be suspended for the summer months (June, July, August) and will resume on the 4th Tuesday of September 2019.  Regular Board meetings will continue to be held as scheduled on the second Tuesday of each month.  Please make a note of this.  Thank you.  
New Website Design and Implementation
Monday, April 15th to Friday, May 31st
Hello Owners!   You will notice that many of the familiar buttons for the Owners Section do not show up on your opening Home Page.  Restrictions have been added so that those who are not owners cannot view sensitive materials without permission.  YOU MUST SIGN IN TO SEE THE ITEMS IN THE OWNERS SECTION.  Only after sign in will they appear in the left hand scroll section of the home page.  This is to keep renters, realtors and others from seeing Financial Documents, Bids, Contracts, etc.  If you are using a "common area" computer not your own, please remembers to sign out when done viewing the site.   Our new design will also support this.  More to come.   Thanks for your patience.