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Welcome to the Tradewinds Apartments of Marco Island Florida!!!!
180 Seaview Court
Marco Island, FL 34145-3302
~ News ~
Welcome to our website!!!
SERVICE DOGS & EMOTIONAL SUPPORT DOGS-Special Documents under Documents on left hand side.
6/13/17-Summit Broadband Announcement for New TV Everywhere Customers-Click Here to read.
BICYCLES-Effective January 1, 2018 there will be a $30 fee per bike.  For owners/renters that have paid $20 for their bike tags you will have a credit of $20 for the year 2018.  You will only have to pay the additional $10 fee on January 1, 2018.  Every year thereafter there will be a $30 fee per bike and payment will be due by January 1st of each year.
ANNUAL MEETING-FEBRUARY 23, 2017-Results of the proxy:
1.  Should the statutory reserves be reduced for the 01/01/17-12/31/17 fiscal/calendar year to n amount determined by the Board of Directors, as shown on the supporting materials?
                                              IN FAVOR        66
                                              OPPOSED        43
2.  Should excess membership income over membership expenses, if any, for the fiscal year ending, 12/31/17, be rolled over to offset the subsequent tax year member assessments as provided by IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604?
                                            IN FAVOR         105
                                            OPPOSED            4
3.  Do you approve of the amendments to the Amended and Restated Declaration of Condominium, Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation and Amended and Restate Bylaws?
                                            IN FAVOR          92
                                            OPPOSED          17
Hot water heaters to be changed out every 10 years NOT 8 years.
Rules for Companies and Individuals Doing Work in Units.  Click here to read.
NEW DOOR LOCKS-A display of the new door locks and deadbolts is in the office.  Click here to see picture #1.      Click here to see picture #2.
ATTENTION, ATTENTION OWNERS & RENTERS-Be careful of Scammers.  They will advertise on the website that a unit is available for rent and that you need to wire them the money.   The owners are not aware of this.  
DANNY BICK PLUMBING-239-300-1486 $750 includes pan & permit. 
PAUL STEIN PLUMBING-239-394-3995.  $825 includes pan & permit one at a time (30 gallon tank).  OR $765 for 10 or more includes pan & permit (30 gallon tank).  You would need to call Paul Stein to put your name on the list.
PROUTS PLUMBING-239-394-1668.  $860 for 10 or more includes pan & permit  (30 or 40 gallon tank).  You would need to call Prouts Plumbing to put your name on the list.
You would need to call an electrician if your hot water heater needs to be hard wired.
If you are interested in watching a Marco Island promotional video from 1975 go to:
https://vimeo.com/107364455 on the website.
SUMMIT BROADBAND LETTER-TV Anywhere Service-Click here to view.
BACK FLUSH VALVE CAP FOR A/C-Click here to view.
Click on "register" on the the top left and register on the site.  This will give you access to password protected pages and allow you to receive important emails on the Tradewinds. You will only be emailed on Tradewind's matters
The website will now allow owners and potential renters  to advertise  for Tradewinds rentals and only owners will be allowed to advertise other items to sell.  Click on the tab labeled "Rentals/Classifieds" and follow the info.  Please be sure to set an expiration date for your ad and to read the Rules and regulations for renting your unit.  I hope this helps and please email the office any suggestions.  Thanks
WORK TO BE DONE IN UNIT-8/22/13-REVISED 11/7/13-If you hire a contractor to do work in your unit that does not require a "Modification & Alteration Form" to be submitted to the office, such as a plumber, cleaner, etc., you need to get a copy of their insurance, license and workman's comp. insurance.
Check out the new link to get the Board Minutes.  Click on the tab labeled "Board Minutes".  If you have registered on the site and are an owner you can now see the minutes on line.
Don't forget to register your Bike! Click here for the Form

~ Hurricane information ~
September 18, 2017
From the Tradewinds Office: 
If you have any questions on the condition of your unit please call Mike Strickland, Restoration Depot, 813-695-4024.
President's message:
9/15 6pm
We have retained Restoration Depot to go into every unit to determine if there is any water intrusion. If there is any found, they are setting up blowers to begin the drying process. Our lobby walls all indicate that there is moisture present and we are taking action to get those dried out.
It is a relatively long process to go into every unit with their thermal imaging sensor and they have completed floor 12 and 11 so far. It will likely take two days to complete the entire building. They are going to provide a complete list of units with moisture and those without.
It is important to note that even if the unit appears to be dry to the naked eye, there could be moisture in the walls and sheet rock. That is why this process is so important.
Much of the equipment needed to dry out our building is staged and in place, however, we are waiting on Restoration Depot's generator power to get fully operational. Our building does not have enough power to support all the equipment needed to dry it out.
I apologize for not providing regular updates, but I think my wife Bette McGilvray has done a great job keeping people informed as much as possible. We have had intermittent internet and did have another power issue today that LCEC was able to correct fairly quickly.
The most pressing issue right now is our A/C, and we are working to get Condee in to replace the burned out motor that feeds the cooling tower. No specifics on when we can expect to have our A/C back
Best regards,
Steve Josselyn
Tradewinds Condominium
Betty's email
Here are some inspectors but feel free to find your own. They must be certified!
Hello everyone:
Spoke with 2 home inspectors this morning who are licensed on Marco Island and have years of experience behind them.  
Carl Pucci- Owner of Panther Home Inspection  239-389-0996
Duane Nettles-Owner  Marco Island Home Inspection: 239-389-2612
Both  assured me that they will charge much less than the normal cost to inspect appx $ 100-$125 per unit rather than their normal $275-$300 per unit.
Bette McGilvray 
9/14 11am
I want to let you all know some very important information.
Currently the office has no access to internet and phone. I have redirected all emails to me and have passed on your comments. The board is doing everything we can to get this situation under control. Communication is key. I have posted items on our website and sent emails.
John Apolzon and Steve J flew down and are now on site to help. This is a huge commitment so thank you. We need them there.
Janet has really stepped up and has worked tirelessly on major issues.
Please keep in mind that the Tradewinds or Susan are not professionals. The board is responsible for common areas and any area that will hurt the integrity or safety of the building and it owners/employees. We cannot do individual unit inspections.
We have very few people there who need to work on major issues. Of course we are family and will try to help any way we can.
Thanks to everyone and I know I may have forgotten some people like Harry Scott who has been very helpful.
Email questions and I will try to give you a response.
Tradewinds Strong!!
We recommend that you hire an inspector on your own for your unit.
I have passed on inspector information that Betty sent but feel free to hire your own.
John Battaglia
9/13  6:30pm
Dear Fellow owners,
1.       Roof Assessment Delta is on site and I doing  the Post Condition Assessment Evaluation.  The roof damage is very significant and there is structural damage to some walls.  Delta will be back tomorrow to do more structural integrity tests.
2.       Roof Seal  The contractor to secure the roof was on his way to the building.
3.       Cable and Internet Service  Contacted Summit Broadband.  The service is not working because of damage to a main cable on 941. Scott Taylor will get back to me with information about the service as soon as it is available.
4.       Sealing Windows and Doors  Charlie from Marco Cabinets is in the building and have identified about 10 units that are being closed up.  Lou Rossi has donated some plywood.
5.       Power  We have power on 1, 4 and 6th floors.  7th floor does not have power.  Others may or may not have power.
6.       Compactor  We have no power to run the compactor.
7.       Pool Motor  We have no power to run pool motor so we cannot use chemicals to maintain integrity.
8.       Cooling Tower The outside fins are damaged but should be able to be turned on when full power is restored.
9.       Curfew  Contacted the Police department.  If an owner is driving back to Marco after 9pm,  they will be allowed back in.  If they are stopped, they must have documentation to prove ownership or have a Florida driver’s license  to avoid a fine.
10.   Spark in Electrical Room yesterday.   The Fire Dept was called, the building was evacuated.  LCEC came.  The reason was debris and dust got into the room behind the dumpster.  There was a spark but was over on its own.  The Fire Department and LCEC determined that we were not at risk and that was the end of the issue.
11.   Generator   Condee was contacted.  They got the generator up and running and there seem to be no permanent damage.
Hope this is helpful.  Call at 4pm today.
9/13 8am
power is on but AC is still not up
9/12 7:00pm
Hello Tradewinds Owners,
The power was restored at the Tradewinds today at about 4:40 pm.
Susan, Kelly, and other unit owners went up on the roof to establish the level of damage there. It is fairly extensive with multiple places that need to be addressed to make sure we don't get water leakage if it does rain. We have contacted Delta Engineering to come down to evaluate the roof tomorrow morning. They are bringing a contractor with them to temporarily address any areas that need to be taken care of immediately.
We have contacted another local contractor to board up windows that have been blown out or broken to protect from additional damage from the elements.
Common areas of the building
Susan reported wet hallway carpeting in front of the following units: 1200, 1110, 1000, 1002, 1012, 1013, 913, 912, 800, 812, 813, 602, 606, 612, 412, 306, 104, 106, 110, and 112.
Its not clear about floor 7, 5, or 2, whether or not the carpet was wet or dry. This will be assessed tomorrow.
Lobby windows near pond have leaking seals allowing water intrusion, but not flooding. The lobby was never flooded by surging gulf water.
Service Master has been called multiple times to address common area water intrusion.
Individual Units
As we indicated previously, 1208 had significant damage from both water and wind.
Susan reported that in the 16 stack every slider glass door had been compromised with the exception she believes of 816 and 716.
We will know more tomorrow since we will have additional people available to check each unit in the building. 
Parking Lot
Susan reported that the following carport spaces had damage to the vehicles parked there: 914, 700, 905, 807, 515, and 804.
There could be more and we will assess tomorrow.
Tradewinds Next Steps
As mentioned earlier, Delta Engineering is scheduled to come tomorrow to assess the roof and structure with a contractor to address any immediate needs.
File insurance claims for common elements, roof, and structural damage.
Arrange for debris clean up and downed trees on property
Complete the process of getting the building back to full operation.
Assess total cost to the Tradewinds and address restoration services
Recommended Owner Next Steps
Unit owners are responsible for the interior of their units with regard to hurricane damage, including sliding doors and windows.
If your unit was damaged, you should immediately file an insurance claim and have a qualified professional inspect your unit. 
If you have water in your unit, you should immediately arrange to have it cleaned up to prevent the growth of mold or further damage to your property.
Once we have established a water restoration contractor like Service Master, we will provide their contact information. Unless you have arranged otherwise.
All unit owners should have some professional inspection of their units as soon as possible to insure there no undetected issues.  
We can only look into each unit to assess water and structural issues at this time for the integrity of the Tradewinds building.
President Steve Josselyn and former President John Apolzan will be flying in tomorrow to provide additional help in checking every unit and common areas of the Tradewinds. 
They will be there with staff working with them to hire professional companies or contractors to initiate repairs of the common areas of Tradewinds..
This has been a tremendous blow to our Tradewinds family and we need to join together to bring our building back and operational. 
We will continue to communicate additional information daily so that you can make the most informed decisions about your properties.
Steve Josselyn
Tradewinds Condominium
9/11 6pm
Susan has been working hard to enter each unit to determine damages. She began on the 12th floor and is working her way down.
Unit 1208, which is the one on the northeast corner of the building had it's doors blown out and the wind pushed through the kitchen wall and into the common area hallway.
Most of the units in the 16 stack were compromised with either broken or blown out windows and/or water intrusion from other units that did have broken windows.
The Board voted to get a plan together to contact unit owners with broken windows so we can get them boarded up as soon as possible. We are working to find a company that will be able to do this work either on Marco Island or elsewhere. The cost of boarding up blown out windows will be born by unit owners, but the building needs to be secured as soon as possible from further compromise of common areas.
Both Susan and I have contacted our insurance carrier, Brown and Brown, to get on the list for claim submission as early as possible.
Ken has tried to contact Delta Engineering to evaluate the structural integrity of our building, but they have been closed along with many other businesses in the area. My earlier email said that Delta would only be looking at the roof, and Ken corrected me to say that they will evaluate the buildings structural integrity.
The generator has only been working intermittently so Susan has had to walk up to top floors to get in to those units. This has slowed the process down.
We have scheduled another meeting for 4 pm tomorrow to get and provide additional updates. We will keep you posted as we get more up to date information.
Best regards,
Steve Josselyn
9/11 at 11am
The good news is that it appears that everyone in the building is safe and were able to ride out the storm in place.
We just completed an emergency Board Meeting to establish our next steps for evaluating building damage and set a plan in place going forward.
Susan and Kelly will begin a full sweep of every unit in the building to determine damage. They will be compiling a list of damaged units and taking pictures.
It does not appear that the first floor was flooded as there was no flooding in the main lobby other than leaking around some window seals. We'll get a more precise view once Susan and Kelly are able to complete their sweep and go through each unit.
The building generator is currently operating for emergency power.
We will be contacting our insurance carrier, Brown and Brown, to get on the list for claim submission.
Ken will contact Delta Engineering to get on the list for roof evaluation
Janet will work with Harry Scott to investigate the process for filing for FEMA assistance.
We know that the island is not accessible and will not be open for people until perhaps Tuesday or Weds. This is according to the Fire Chief, Mike Murphy.
There is no power or water currently available on the island.
We will convene another emergency meeting today at 4 pm to get additional information from Susan and Kelly
I will send another email as soon as we get more updated information.
Best regards,
Steve Josselyn
Tradewinds Condominium

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